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About me

After fourteen years developing and delivering software for car infotainment systems I have left the automotive industry for a more hands on software development role. My stack is HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and Bootstrap for the frontend with Node and MySQL for the backend, Wordpress is my CMS of choice. I am an AWS Certified Developer Associate. I live in Coventry with my wife Jen and young sons Owen and Henry.

Even though I no longer work with cars, I am still a lifelong petrolhead. I drive a 2004 Toyota MR2 Roadster and enjoy seeking out the best driving roads the UK has to offer, as well as track days at various circuits. I also enjoy photographing cars - I have had motorsport images published in Autosport and Motorsport News magazines. Words and photos from some of my road trips have been published in Evo magazine and on Pistonheads.com. I don’t just photograph cars - my other speciality is landscape photography, including the urban landscape. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world, both for work and holidays, allowing me to photograph a variety of landscapes. Some of my favourite images can be seen in my portfolio. I also ride mountain bikes - what started as a fun way to keep fit has evolved into a way of life, which I am happy to share with my boys.

I started my blog in 2009, mainly to share photographs and keep friends and family up to date with what I was doing, but also to learn Wordpress development. Over ten years and three hundred posts later, I have found that I enjoy the blogging process, documenting adventures and other key moments in my life. The blog itself is still a work in progress, as I am still using it to try out new skills in the ever changing world of web development. If you want to know more about any of my work, or just to say hi, please get in touch through my contact page, or via the social media links below.